Fighting Child Sexual Abuse Online – An Analysis of the Past, Present and Future of Project Sweetie 2.0
Hans Guijt, Terre des Hommes Netherlands

7. Februar, 10:00 Uhr

Livestreaming of child sexual abuse has developed over a short period of years from a growing trend to an increasing threat. Recent research in the Philippines by Terre des Hommes has demonstrated that – in comparison to 2013 – this phenomenon, known as ‚cybersex‘ – has spread from urban to rural areas. The victims are getting younger now that even babies are offered online and the violence against children is getting more extreme.
Though law enforcement in the Philippines is becoming more active in the struggle against livestreaming, there is growing awareness that as long as the demand for child sex abuse online remains nearly unchallenged, the authorities there will continue to fight an uphill battle.
Terre des Hommes has developed Sweetie 2.0, software to intercept, identify and deter individuals active online seeking to engage children in sexual activities. The Sweetie Project Team is supported by a legal team of Leiden University as well as forensic psychologists of Tilburg University and is working together with the Philippine National Police and the Justice Department in a joint effort to stem the tide. We appreciate the invitation to share our findings, experiences and results to a wider audience.